Frank Montella

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After arriving back in New York a little more than a year ago, I successfully landed a role on the pilot episode of Pan Am.

I recently began working with Susan Wright, of the Ann Wright Agency.  

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I guess you could call me a “baby boomer”. I was born and raised in South Ozone Park. It’s a section of Queens, New York, that is literally across the street from JFK Airport. For some reason the name always cracks people up. I grew up learning the language of The Sopranos. With lots of hard work, I did master Standard English. Went to John Adams High School, and in the mid sixties was drafted into the army, trained to be a combat medic, and sent to that tropical paradise known as Viet Nam. I returned and got a BFA in communications from the New York Institute of Technology. I worked in several media positions, and then went back to school and became one of the first paramedics on the streets of New York City.

I began doing various community theatre projects all around New York. This lead to Off-Off Broadway, a number of appearances on the “soaps”, some film work, and was chosen to be Sean Connery’s body double in Family Business.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1991, and continued doing local theater, film, and more soap opera work. While I was in California, I again went back to school, this time becoming a registered nurse. When I wasn’t working as an actor, I worked in emergency rooms and intensive care units of several hospitals in Los Angeles. I moved back to New York just in time to shovel the snow of 2011. It was great exercise, and didn’t have to join a gym for months. I love being back.